Here is  a project that we worked on for a client in Edinburgh.

Garden Design
Raised beds, concrete block rendered and painted white. the planting is Photinia Red Robin , which when mature will form a delightful low maintenace hedge screening the decking from the road.
Timber decking -redwood pine. Note the l.e.d lighting to the raised beds to shine across decking surface at night
Timber steps leading up to decking area with door to side to access under deck storage area, The step treads have graphite inlays to make them non-slip
Photinia Red Robin forms a pleasing hedge as the newly formed leaves are red and the mature leaves are green. It is easily maintained like privet, and offers a great alternative to standard hedging
Garden Designphotinia
The picture above left shows an example of a mature Photinia Red Robin hedge forming dense and compact foliage giving excellent screening for privacy and above right caption showing the red emergent immature leaf which turns green after a month or so.
landscapers edinburgho
Rendered concrete raised beds offer a great altenative to stone. They cost less, are durable , and bring a contemporary aesthetic to garden designs.

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