Good paving can look stunningly good and really enhance your garden. Here is our short guide to choosing the best paving: the good paving guide.

Paving guide: Why choose a professional?

There will often be smaller paving jobs that the experienced DIY enthusiast can happily have a go at but when it comes to a serious project you should find a good professional. An experienced paving contractor will have access to all the specialised tools and heavy equipment that may be required as well as having the experience and knowledge to foresee any difficulties that might come up during the job. Also, a contractor will know all local council regulations and planning laws, and be able to guide you to the best materials at the best prices.

Paving guide: Which materials to use?

There is a wide range of paving materials you can choose from and the best is not necessarily the most expensive. The most important consideration is how you intend to use the paved area. A driveway intended for everyday heavy traffic will require different materials from a simple decorative garden path.

Another factor in the cost of your project is how long the material you choose will last. Some materials have a low initial cost but require a lot of re-installation and can therefore have a higher cost over the lifetime of your garden than a material which is initially more expensive but also more durable.

Paving guide: How is paving done?

There is a hidden complexity to paving, below the surface all paving is made up of layers, which give it stability and strength. To give you an idea of what the contractor will be doing here is how those layers are created:

Paving guide: Paving materials

Here’s where we need to focus our creativity. There are many options but one important one is whether to go for either man-made or natural paving. Of the man-made materials tarmac is an obvious candidate but it is also worth noting that there is a wide range of durable concrete-based materials available, some quite attractively patterned.

Here are some of the best natural paving materials:

Paving guide: Paving pitfalls

Getting paving right can be surprisingly difficult. Here are some potential problems that an experienced contractor can help you avoid:

A little time and effort spent choosing the right paving contractor will ensure your paving project runs smoothly and within budget.

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